Lands End Cat Resort

We love cats and it is our pleasure to offer them a boarding facility that carefully provides for their absolute comfort and safety. Not only do we have the pleasure of caring for cats, we also have the satisfaction of watching our unique and innovative resort set a new standard of care for cat boarding. We designed our facility to be a place we would want to take our own cats and we promise to care for our guests as if they were our own, providing an immaculate, homey and secure environment.

Lands End Cat Resort is owned and operated by Blythe Baillie DVM, a member of the College of Veterinarians of B.C., and her husband, David Norman.

Our Location

1434 Laurel Rd,
North Saanich, BC

Expert Professional Care

Most of the care, love and entertainment is provided by our three wonderful cat-loving employees Mia, Beth and Cindy.