• Most of the care, love and entertainment is provided by our three wonderful cat-loving employees Mia, Beth and Susan.
  • Instead of cages or “condos/townhouses” we offer walk-in size rooms with an average size of 4.5’ by 5.5’ by 8’ high. The rooms are suitable for one cat or two compatible housemates. Please see the FAQ section for larger cat families.
  • Each room has a 4’ by 2’ screened escape-proof window, three plush beds all on different levels, a cedar climbing and scratching post and a litter box.
  • Our heated tile floors radiate cozy warmth in winter and air conditioning keeps the building comfortable during hot spells.
  • Guests get access to the common area many times every day on an individual, rotating basis in order to play, explore, snuggle and watch a bit of television.
  • We are located at the very end of a quiet rural road with no traffic noise or street lights – just the sounds of the birds.