Why aren’t cats allowed to mingle?

Veterinarians never mix cats from different families. Having to find their place in a constantly changing social group causes stress in many cats.

Do you ever let the cats out into the common area?

Yes, cats are let out of their rooms frequently but on an individual basis. Long-term boarders will be invited to spend as much time out of their room as feasible because the longer the boarding stay the more attention a cat needs.  Long stay cats are expected to help with chores such as dusting, dishes and laundry.

My cat likes a fresh litter box. How often do you scoop?

Always twice a day at the very least and more often as needed. Older cats and diabetic cats need it more often. Some highly fragrant cats will receive immediate attention.

Why do you not require rabies or feline leukemia vaccinations?

Cats from different families will never mingle and there is no possibility of exposure to bats so the risk of exposure to these diseases (or FIV) on our premises is zero. We stringently require proof of up-to-date vaccination against the air-borne diseases (FVRCP).

We have a large cat family. Can you accommodate us?

For larger families, or for house-mates who need a bit more elbow room, we have cat doors between a few of the rooms so a large family can use two adjoining rooms.

Do you have an outdoor enclosure?

No, not at this time.

Can I board my diabetic cat with you?

We do not board diabetic cats at this time.

Why does my *indoor* cat need a flea preventive when I know he/she doesn’t have fleas?

This is for everyone’s protection and to ensure that fleas are never an issue.  Please note that Advantage is no longer effective.  Revolution, Bravecto, Credilio and Program are all safe and effective.  Zodiac is NEVER recommended because of safety concerns.

What if my cat needs a veterinary exam during his/her stay? How is that handled?

If, in the opinion of Dr. Baillie, your cat needs a veterinary exam, you will be contacted, if possible, and he/she will be taken to your veterinarian. We request that you make financial arrangements with your veterinarian before boarding your cat and that your veterinarian understands your wishes regarding medical treatment while you are away.

What if I phone or email or fill out a reservation form and don’t hear back from you?

We always try to respond within 24 hours but if you don’t hear from us please call or email us